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Intelligent Animals Compilation Part 1

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intelligent animals compilation videos funny and best.


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Let’s face it - animals do a lot of strange things, and poor humans cannot fathom many of them! Like for instance dogs going after their own butts for hours on end or some fish actually flying or sheep having the ability to attract New Zealanders and Scots! In this video, we will see some of the strangest animal behaviors that would leave most of us scratching our heads. Some of these new discoveries about them tend to be downright disturbing. Then again, it’s all part of nature. Some Amazing...

19 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Lives

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Your cuddly companion could save your life one day. These heroic animals have saved the lives of others while risking their own and its simply amazing. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr

Baby Orangutan Rickina!

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Help Rickina! Help her today by adopting her on the Orangutan Outreach website: http://redapes.org/adopthttp://redapes.org/rickinaFor just $10 a month YOU can make a difference in Rickina"e;s life! *Adoptions are virtual. Rickina stays in Borneo! :-)Rickina is being cared for at the IAR Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). The center is operated by Orangutan Outreach"e;s partners International Animal Rescue. Rickina was...

Cute Baby Animals Standing for the First Time and Taking First Steps...

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Most of animals have very cute babies babies. Most adorable moment is when baby animals are for the first time standing and walking, sometimes only trying to walk. In this video you can see kitten"e;s first steps, cute puppies first time walkins, also how baby deer walking for the first time, how newborn horse start running and much more interesting facts. Like and subscribe our channel for more cutenessAnimalzTV in Internet:Please Subscribe: http://goo.gl/O97FCeLike us on Facebook:...