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Cheetah and dog friends celebrate anniversary together at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Busch Gardens Tampa is celebrating an anniversary for a very special relationship. April 16 marked the one-year anniversary of the first time park guests got to see an 8-week-old male cheetah cub and a 16-week-old female yellow labrador puppy start to strike up a friendship that the park"e;s animal experts expect to last a lifetime. The pair -- later named Kasi and Mtani -- spent only supervised play times together at first. Now, a year later, they live together full time at the park"e;s...

Unusual Jaw Dropping Animal Behavior In The Wild

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1. Two 5,000 Pounds white rhino fighting. And one is cheating.2. Hippos are fishing and eating fish. 3. Two silverback gorillas are peacefully sharing the rule of the tribe.4. Deer and world largest flying bird are inseparable friends.5. Gorilla tribe keeps rabbit as their pet.

Cutest Wild Baby Animals Ever

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So wild So cute!Music: http://www.bensound.com F&U on Twitter https://twitter.com/FU53345396

Unbelievable Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation 2017

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Unbelievable Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation 2017- Watch, rate, share and Comment- Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments!- Don"e;t forget to subscribe my channel :)Support The Sound Project:Support me via Paypal:...

10 Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart

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Here are 10 extraordinary animal friendships. Having a buddy to count on in good times and bad is a wonderful thing, and that holds true in the animal community as well.Here are 10 extraordinary animal friendships. Number 10. Kala and Kiera. The two shelter dogs gained national attention after a photo of them hugging made the rounds on social media. The pair clung onto one another in the hours before they were to be euthanized. A pet rescue worked with an area Humane Society to...